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General relay and latching relays is the difference
Dec 06, 2016

LS l communication PLC connected relays:
Once when the module is installed, the symbol l is used with a communication module area. can provide information communications module (O/S information, service information, annotations). Data stored in the operand proper latch area 1. If no communication module, the usage and the auxiliary relay m.
Auxiliary relay (m)
Equivalent relay relay-contactor control system, which is used to store the intermediate state or other control information, not directly driven by an external load, only within a program-driven output relay coil.
Latching relays (l)
Is through a backup battery to maintain auxiliary relays. In addition to the auxiliary relay (m) function, when the power switch from OFF to ON or PLC QCPU reset, latching relay can save the current results of operations.