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General relay burned the cause
Dec 06, 2016

Electrical appliances in use for some time, more or less in the it life cycle point of failure occurs. Glitch patch can also be used again, if for some reason caused the fatal damage, and that can only be replaced. General purpose relays is no exception, common relays common faults are: cracking, relay parameters do not loose contact stability, electromagnetic riveting equipment deformation damage, glass insulators, coil failure, etc. Have a lot of friends have met General relays burn line issues. When the appliance fails, even though we are not professionals, but we can also try to find the cause of the problem, avoid the same problems. Question so much, can't have it all here for you, here we talk about common relays linear reason.
Causes of General relay burned out:
1. current (voltage) than the relay coil allows (rating) of a current (voltage);
2. more than relay current of electric shock electric shock allows (nominal) current;
3. working environment heat well, resulting in excessive ambient temperature.