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How to choose the right power relay method of operation
Dec 06, 2016

1, measuring contact resistance
Using the resistance, resistance measurements normally closed contact with a moving point, its value should be 0, (with more accurate ways to measure the contact resistance is less than 100 mohm), and normally open and fixed points of infinite resistance. It can be distinguished that are normally closed contact, which is normally open contact.
2, measuring the coil resistance
Available universal Rx10 power relay coil resistance ω measurement to determine the coil if there is a way.
3, measured voltage and current
Find adjustable regulated power supply and ammeter, power relay input voltage and power supply circuit monitor series ammeter. Slowly increase the voltage, when they hear power relay sucks and shuts the sound, note the pull-in voltage and current absorption. To ensure accuracy, you can try a few more times and averaged.
4, measuring the release voltage and discharge current
Connection test like above, when after the snap-in power relay, then gradually reduce the supply voltage, when they hear power relay release sound occurred again, note the voltage and current, and tried several times to make the average voltage and current release.