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How to confirm the quality of electromagnetic relay
Apr 22, 2018

There are two types of difference between good and bad: 1. Electromagnet (electromagnetic coil): Measure the resistance of the magnetic coil with the resistance of the multimeter (the size of the organization depends on the size of the working voltage). The electromagnetic coil is not bad, and vice versa is that the electromagnetic coil is broken. 2. Part of electric shock: If there is a ready-made working voltage as the power source, the two electrodes of the electromagnetic coil will be added with electricity, and the electric shock will be sucked in. Measure whether the two contacts are turned on with the resistance of the multimeter, if the proof of conduction If the electric shock is good, if it is not conducting or the resistance is too large, it proves that this relay is bad. There are two kinds of relays: fully sealed and semi-sealed. Semi-hermetic can clean the contact area of the electric shock and make the contact well. If the seal is completely estimated there is no way to repair it.