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How to select relay
Dec 06, 2016

1, select a suitable electromagnetic relay volume: volume size typically relays relay contact load size, use mass relay should also be determined in accordance with requirements of
2, select the relay coil rated working current: driven by transistors or ICS DC electromagnetic relay coils operating current (typically attract current twice times) should be driving circuit for output current range.
3, select the relay coil voltage: selection electrical relays, first select the relay coil is AC or DC power supply voltage. Relay rated voltage should be less than or equal to the operating voltage of the control circuit.
4, select the type of relay contacts and contact load: relay is usually of the same type there are many contact forms for selection (electromagnetic relays are: single contact, double set of contacts, groups of contacts normally closed and normally open contacts, contacts, etc), application circuit should be used for the contact type.

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