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LB-9 type latching relay technical data
Feb 20, 2018

The shell of lb--9 type latching relay adopts JK 12 structure.

Rated Voltage: 100v,50hz.

Apply three-phase rated voltage of 100V (phase voltage 58V), and break one phase or two-phase, relay should be reliable action.

Maximum operating current: Applied three-phase rated voltage of 100V, the current in the relay coil is not less than 5mA.

Minimum operating current: Apply rated voltage, break a phase, the current in the relay coil is not less than 2. 5mA.

Action time: not greater than 45ms.

Power consumption: No more than 5VA per phase.

Contact Disconnect Capacity: When the voltage is not greater than 250V, the current is not greater than 0. 2 A, in the DC circuit for 20W, in the AC Circuit for 30VA.

The insulation resistance is not less than 300mω, and it is not less than 4mω under alternating damp heat condition.

Dielectric strength: Relay all circuits to the shell insulation should be able to withstand 50Hz, 2kV ac voltage, a 1min test, without insulation breakdown or flashover phenomenon.

The electric life is 103 times, the weight is about 1kg.