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Magnetic preservation Relay to discuss the future development direction
Mar 11, 2018

With the continuous development of the instrument, magnetic maintenance relays have been rapidly developed, in the market demand is increasing, in the next few years China's magnetic maintenance relay market demand will continue to increase, has initially formed a variety of product categories are relatively complete, with a certain scale of production and development capabilities of the industrial system.

Magnetic Preservation Relay is an automatic switching electronic component with isolation function, which is widely used in remote control, telemetry, communication, automatic control, electromechanical integration and power electronic equipment, and is one of the most important controlling components. Therefore, the correct analysis of the development of the industry for future development is crucial.

Magnetic preservation relays belong to energy-saving products, the world in the promotion of energy-saving, it is widely used in the pay meter. At present, the market of magnetic maintain relay brand more, the quality is uneven, the operation of various failures and safety accidents occur. For its reason, the key is not to seriously study the IEC related requirements. This article is based on the individual's understanding of IEC standards and on the basis of the structure of the magnetic-preserving relay, the test method of the magnetic-preserving relay in the VDE laboratory.

Magnetic holding relays are also generated by the signal current through the electromagnetic coil of the relay to generate electromagnetic force, the suction armature realizes the opening and closing of the contact point, but unlike the nonmagnetic relay, the signal current can be cut off after the contact point is driven, and the working state of the contact is entirely dependent on the permanent Magnet's attraction to the armature. So the coil power consumption is almost zero. High-power magnetic maintenance relays such as BST-902, contact load capacity up to 250vac,30~100a, as a large current switching element, in recent years in the power sector, especially in smart meters have been applied.

For a product, production is fundamental, and sales are development. If there is no good sales channels and ways, then enterprises will decline. For magnetic maintenance relays, physical sales are well-known sales model for us, so we should let the magnetic keep relay on the three-dimensional sales model.

We are now in the era of the Internet, the network in our life occupies a large proportion. and magnetic maintenance relay in the development of sales, but also with the wide application of the network, and become the main content of a period of time.

We say that the development of magnetic maintenance relays to achieve the separation of production and marketing, this does not mean that a complete departure from the manufacturing and sales, but let the production and sales on the basis of their independence, but also have a close relationship, fundamentally complementary to each other, so that is the future of magnetic preservation relay development.

China's magnetic maintain relay market scale of 2011 years of intermediate relay in the OEM Market application scale of 735 million yuan, of which the machine tool industry market application of intermediate Relay scale of 99 million yuan, accounting for the overall market of 14%, ranked first, Machine tool industry in 2012 is expected to increase market demand year-on-year growth will not be too big.

According to the statistics of the National Bureau of Statistics: 2011 1 ~ December Machine Tool industry Cumulative total industrial output value of 660.65 billion yuan, an increase of 32.1%;

With the popularization and application of microelectronics and computers, a large number of advanced manufacturing processes are used in the manufacturing process of magnetic-flux-maintaining relays. In the future, magnetic-holding relays will also be developed in the following directions:

1, the system functions more integrated. In the future, magnetic holding relays will be combined with computer, power electronic devices and strong electric control to achieve continuous control and intermittent control.

2, is the field bus structure will be adjusted. Magnetic relay in the future will be the instrument of the self-diagnosis function of the corresponding expansion, so that the system connection will be more simple and reliable, can reduce the installation costs to a certain extent. can also control the size of variable, easy to maintain.

3, is the continuous upgrading of products. With the continuous progress of technology and technological innovation, such as biosensors, fiber sensors, polymer sensors and other emerging sensors will continue to appear.

The rapid and widespread dissemination of information technology of magnetic preservation relays has brought human beings into an era of innovation. From analog to digital will become the mainstream of electronic products, relay products will continue to expand, technology has been upgrading.