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Magnetic retention Relay Market growth, domestic promotion of the overall application
Mar 11, 2018

Magnetic Preservation Relay is a new type of relay which has been developed in recent years, and it is also an automatic switch. Like other electromagnetic relays, the circuit is automatically connected and cut off. The difference is that the magnetic maintenance of the relay often closed or open state is entirely dependent on the role of permanent magnet, the switch state of the conversion is based on a certain width of pulse signal triggered and completed.

Magnetic maintenance relays are widely used in remote control, telemetry, communication, automatic control, mechatronics and power electronic equipment, is one of the most important components.

In recent years, China's enterprises have expanded rapidly and output has soared. International relay manufacturers in China annual total production has reached more than hundreds of millions of; the assets of private enterprises have been transited from the primitive accumulation stage to the stage of capital expansion, and many manufacturers have reached thousands and above; under the impetus of national space program, the state-owned enterprises are tending to improve, the investment of scientific research has increased and the

According to the statistics of relevant organizations, China's magnetic preservation relay industry contains huge market potential, with the gradual implementation of industrial revitalization policy, experts predict, "Twelve-Five" period, the need for magnetic maintenance relays and application areas will continue to grow, the traditional electromechanical relay will be about 8% of the speed of growth, The development speed of solid-state relays will be kept at around 15%, and special relays will be developed rapidly with more than 20% speed.

It is reported that the 2011 magnetic maintenance relay in the OEM Market application scale of 735 million yuan, of which the machine tool industry market application magnetic maintain relay scale of 99 million yuan, accounting for 14% of the overall market, ranked first, the 2012 machine tool industry is expected to keep the relay market demand year-on-year growth will not be too big.

According to the statistics of the National Bureau of Statistics: 2011 1 ~ December Machine Tool industry Cumulative total industrial output value of 660.65 billion yuan, an increase of 32.1%;

Recently, a new generation of Siemens magnetic relay in Tianjin, the formal line, the next generation of magnetic preservation relays can achieve higher energy efficiency, reliability and versatility with other electrical equipment, its innovative design can be widely used in transport technology requirements, applications include automotive manufacturing, food and beverages, Logistics warehousing and airport logistics and other industries.

"The success of a new generation of magnetic retention relays is a milestone for the enterprise, so that Siemens transmission equipment from large-scale heavy industry to the field of civil light industry, the use of more extensive products." A new generation of magnetic preservation relays with optimized design of gearbox and a novel and efficient motor can significantly improve the energy efficiency of the plant or system, improve equipment reliability and versatility.

With the rapid and widespread dissemination of information technology, magnetic preservation relays have brought human beings into an era of innovation. From analog to digital will become the mainstream of electronic products, magnetic preservation relay products will continue to expand, technology is also constantly upgrading. Products to the intelligent, modular direction of development, market demand has risen steadily, the domestic promotion of the overall application.