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Relay common fault types and diagnostic methods!
Mar 11, 2018

Relay is an automatic device, in the power system to ensure the safe and reliable operation of the power system is an important task, it is at any time to monitor the operation of the system, and can quickly find fault, and then selectively through the circuit breaker to remove the fault part.

The common fault types and diagnostic analysis of power relays are as follows:

Contact Electric Eclipse. The load of the contact switch is more perceptual, and at the moment of disconnection from the perceptual load, its savings of magnetic energy will be in the contact at both ends of a very high back EMF, breakdown contacts between the formation of sparks, electrical erosion, resulting in contact surface sag, causing poor contact, or the two contacts glued together can not be separated, resulting in short circuit. To prevent the electric corrosion between contacts, it can be realized by setting resistance extinguishing flower circuit and setting resistance and capacity extinguishing flower circuit.

The contact accumulates dust. Dust, dirt will be deposited on the contact point of the relay, will make the contact surface generated a layer of black oxide film, resulting in poor contact with the relay, it is necessary to regularly clean the contact point, can be used carbon tetrachloride liquid, so that the contacts can ensure good contact performance magnetic retention relay.