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Single coil magnetic Holding relays
Mar 11, 2018

In recent years, home appliance enterprises have put forward intelligent strategy, Layout intelligent home field, so that smart home rapid growth. Intelligent home is closely related to People's Daily family life, the formation of a good market mechanism, smart home through the Internet technology will be the home of a variety of equipment to connect together, and provide home appliances control, lighting control, telephone remote control, indoor and outdoor control, anti-theft alarm, environmental monitoring, HVAC control and many other functions.

With the rapid development and popularization of intelligent and energy-saving electrical appliances, the high requirements for relay products applied in this field are put forward, especially the power consumption of relay is still one of the most concerned technical indexes. It is well known that magnetic holding relays can act under the action of a pulse.

And in the absence of power consumption in the case of long-term stay in a certain position, that is, to maintain the state of the last pulse command. Therefore, it has the function of steady state and memory and is suitable for all kinds of intelligent and energy-saving appliances.

With the improvement of people's living standard, family intelligent control and follow-up intelligent family system development, the popularization of intelligent home, the market urgently needs a low-power high-capacity automatic switching control components, and relay as a traditional switching control unit has a more mature technology;

In order to meet the future development of the market, we need to increase the permanent magnet on the basis of the traditional electromagnetic relay, and develop a miniature single coil magnetic holding relay with unidirectional stability. This kind of miniaturized magnetic retention will be used in large quantities, even when the cost is reduced to a certain extent, can replace the partial SCR market.