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Structure principle of LB-9 type latching relay
Feb 20, 2018

The relay is composed of transformer, rectifier bridge, filter capacitor, resistor, polarization relay and light-emitting diode, and is a rectifier type relay.

The transformer used in the relay is a five-winding transformer. The original side is three windings of the star-shaped connection. The polarity of a phase is opposite to that of B phase and C phase. So add three relative voltage when the magnetic lead and not zero, two windings have voltage output, rectifier, filter drive two polarization relays. The contact points of two polarization relays are connected to each other to realize the dual output. [1]

When one phase or two phase circuit breaker, the Transformer two times side has the output voltage, the relay reliable movement. The relay is connected with the voltage Transformer two times on the high voltage bus in the power plant and the substation, when the High-voltage bus is no electricity, the relay is released, the breaking contact is closed, the latch is lifted, and the grounding switch is allowed.