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The door of the future development of magnetic maintaining relays
Mar 11, 2018

With the continuous development of the economy, the development of magnetic relay in the market is increasing, widely used in the control of automotive start-up, preheating, air-conditioning, oil pumps, anti-theft, audio, communications, navigation, as well as automotive electronic instruments and fault diagnosis systems, a wide range of applications, has a very broad prospects for development in the market by the user's favor, The total demand for magnetic preservation relays is increasing.

Magnetic preservation Relay is an electrical control device, which is a kind of electrical apparatus which makes the predetermined step change of the controlled quantity in the electrical output circuit when the change of input quantity (excitation quantity) reaches the requirement. Magnetic maintenance relays are widely used in various fields of national economy, including national economy, transportation, industry and so on, all have the automatic control of the field relay is necessary.

The magnetic-holding relay is second only to the automotive electronic sensor in its application. Relay is an important electronic component in automobile parts, and its application in automobile is second only to electronic sensor. The continuous improvement of car comfort and safety will inevitably lead to the increasing demand for automotive relays. By 2013, the average number of relays used per car would rise from around 20 to 30~35.

From the client point of view, the building and industrial areas of users to purchase from a complete set of equipment factory; Industrial project construction relies on the success of the System Integrator project to choose the relay products. Most of the OEM market users to purchase a separate magnetic relay products mainly products, but also some industry users, such as lifting equipment , textile machinery and other industries, will be from the cabinet complete sets of factory procurement low-voltage cabinets.

From the perspective of brand decision-making power, there is also an important role-system integrators, especially in metallurgy, glass, ceramics, mining and other industries of the Design Institute, they have a strong influence when users choose the brand. Although the Cabinet factory can not make the final purchase decision, but in the selection process, the enclosure factory can be based on their own experience to influence buyers. And for some professional impact of the Panel factory, the end user because of their own brand trust and no longer interfere with the selection of components in the cabinet body. Industrial Magnetic maintenance relays are small size, simple principle and other characteristics, the majority of industrial magnetic preservation relay products are sold through agents. In the industrial magnetic relay market, most of the simpler products are relatively simple.

The popularization of computer technology makes the demand of magnetic maintaining relays of microcomputer increase significantly, and the magnetic maintaining relays with microprocessor will develop rapidly. In the early 80, the United States digital time relay can be used to command the magnetic relay control, magnetic maintenance relay and microprocessor combination development, can form a compact and perfect control system. Computer-controlled industrial robots are currently growing at a rate of 3.5% a year, and now computer-controlled production systems have been able to produce a variety of low-cost relays on a production line, and can automate a wide range of operation and testing tasks.

The development of communication technology has far-reaching significance to the development of magnetic preservation relays. On the one hand, because of the rapid development of communication technology, the application of the whole magnetic relay is increased. On the other hand, optical fiber communication, optical sensor, optical computer and optical information processing technology will appear as the main arteries of the future information society, and new relays, such as fiber relay, tongue reed fiber switch, etc.

A new type of special structural materials, novel molecular materials, the development of high performance composite materials, photoelectron materials, as well as oxygen-absorbing magnetic materials, temperature-sensing magnetic material and amorphous soft magnetism are of great significance to the development of new magnetic preservation relays, thermal relays and electromagnetic relays, and there will be a new principle and new effect relay.

Future magnetic relay development direction should be integrated multi-functional, portable, one-time rapid detection and analysis machine, it can be widely used in food, environment, battlefield, human diseases and other areas of rapid detection.

For example, rapid sensitive detection of pathogens or pesticide residues in food and beverages, remote detection and control of contaminated gas or contaminated metal ions in the environment, rapid real-time detection of human blood components and pathogens, and rapid detection of biochemical weapons and explosives on the battlefield.

However, the new generation of magnetic preservation relays also face many challenges, such as higher sensitivity, specificity, biocompatibility, integration of a variety of technologies, detection method simplification, preparation process, mass production, cost-effectiveness and so on.

Magnetic preservation relay in the future development has a broad development prospects, in this respect, the molecular self-assembly processing technology is simple and controllable, can realize rapid replication, and low cost, the development of magnetic maintenance relay is very important to promote the high sensitivity, low cost, one-time magnetic flux to maintain the development of the relay. The biological molecular self-assembly technology is more worthy of concern, it has natural biological compatibility, excellent combination performance, or will become the magnetic maintenance relay development of another new field, promote the magnetic keep relay to a higher direction.