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What are the electromagnetic relay installation Note
Dec 06, 2016

(1) for hard leads to the end of the relay, at the time of installation not allowed to bend to prevent leakage caused by rupture of glass insulators. If the outlet installed, provisions to strictly follow the relay plug power to choose the outlet in case of too tight or too loose, and keep the socket clean to prevent contact.
(2) for soft leads to the end of the relay, if bent pins installed, required from the roots 3 mm ~5 mm clamp after the roots with a tool, then slowly bending to required position, try to avoid round bend and ensure roots do not force.
(3) if the relay welded directly on the printed circuit board, requested PCB holes meet size requirements for relay outlets, diameter too small, to ensure the smooth relay pinout can be planted, and leave appropriate space for printed boards, prevent the stick too tight to relay root strain.
(4) to prevent overheating when welding, welding temperature relay power according to size selection for most small and medium power relay, no more than 60W soldering iron, weld time is less than 3 seconds. Because of high temperature can cause the relay coil and leads to the end of unsoldering and effect the Reed contact performance, may also cause component cracking. Finish welded after cleaning, preventing the solders against harmful substances to relay the roots. Welding for non-sealed relay, preventing the solders into the relay, directly affect the relay contact reliability.