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What are types of automotive relay
Dec 06, 2016

1. electrical relay switch.
For example 2000GSi Santana AJR engine fuel pump relay, it is installed inside the central power distribution box, used to control the electric fuel pumps, air flow sensor oxygen sensor heater, carbon canister solenoid valve and power supply.
2. directional control relay.
Such as electric seats system relay, its function is used to control the current direction of a bidirectional motor, when manipulating the appropriate when reversing switch, relay the motor rotate in different directions, so as to achieve the goal of electric chair to move in different directions.
3. integrated relay.
For instance, the Lexus LS400 headlight integrated relays in the system, it is the function of the executive head lights, fog lights and rear fog lights automatically turn off the lights, and follow from the GAUGE fuse and gate signal light switch to cut off the current to the lamp switch.