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What is a magnetic latching relay
Dec 06, 2016

Magnetic latching relay in use matters needing attention:
Avoid two coils and power (if power on, then the relay is in the reset State). Reset voltage must not exceed the rated voltage of the 150%, or they may set back. Spare parts selection, as long as the installation location, coil voltage, contact currents can meet the requirements.
Relay should be used as far as possible, all parameters listed in the product manual. Load ratings and life is a reference value, depending on environmental factors, load properties and types vary greatly, so it is best to confirm actual or simulated use. DC relays using square-wave control AC relay to make full use of the sine wave control.
In order to keep the relay performance, be careful not to make the relay dropped or subjected to strong impact. Came off and the relay is no longer recommended for use. Relays used in normal temperature and humidity, dust and harmful gases in an environment less. Harmful gas include sulfur, silicon and nitrogen oxide gases and so on. Magnetic latching relays in use should be placed as needed before you act or revert to the position. Coils should pay attention to polarity, voltage pulse width. Polarized relay, please pay attention to the polarity of the voltage (+,-).