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What kinds of relays are there?
Mar 11, 2018

What types of relays are commonly used

Depending on the classification method, the following types of relays are commonly used.

(1) According to the principle of action: Electromagnetic type, inductive type, electric type, transistor-type relays.

(2) According to the measured parameters are: current type, voltage type, power type, impedance, such as electrical relays, as well as temperature-type, pressure-type, such as electric satin electrical appliances.

(3) According to the function: intermediate relays, time relays and signal relays.

The relay protection device is to realize the protection of the power grid according to the change of the parameter physical quantity of the relevant part of the electric network. For example:

(1) The relay protection with the change of the reactive current has the electric current, the timing overcurrent, the reverse time overcurrent and the 0 sequence currents protection.

(2) The protective relaying with a reactive voltage change has a low voltage (or overvoltage) protection.

(3) The reaction current and the current and the voltage ask phase angle change, has the direction overcurrent protection.

(4) The change value of the reaction voltage and current, i.e. the reaction short-circuit point to the protection of the impedance (or distance) of the installation, distance protection.

(5) The difference between the input current and the output current, transformer differential protection, etc.

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