Instruction Manual

1.The factory defaults of relay contacts is set to be closed (reset state), however, due to the transportation or installation, contacts may be impacted, and change its state, so it is necessary to take action to reset before usage (access to power).

2.To be sure latching relay operating reliably, the excitation voltage to coil is to be attained rating, the setting of pulse width should be more than rating, long time (more than 1 min) applied voltage to coil is not acceptable .

3.PCB type latching relay, suggested welding temperature is 240℃-260℃, time is 2S-5S. Please do not adopt reflow soldering. Normally, the temperature for wave soldering is required 250℃ and time is ≤2S.

4.Latching relay which is without copper braided wires, the load leading pin can neither be tin soldered nor be wrenched. Don’t do any extra force to load.

5.When screws or bolt is used for load leading terminal of latching relay, please be sure to connect tightly, in case of any damage or the other safety accident causing by over temperature rise.

6.Due to limited signal wire strength of coil or shunts, do not twist or pull the signal wire, it is easy to get it broken.

7.Please handle gently when doing coming inspection and usage, preventing falling to impact the parameters. Distinguish the product which needs destructive inspection with normal products when entering to the factory, forbidding using it.