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Application Overview Of Automotive Relay
Dec 06, 2016

Control relay has two main components, a control system, the other is a control system. Control following electrical is can up control role, is because dang it of control system in the entered a species signal, for example electric, and magnetic, and hot, and light, physical volume reached must value Shi, can makes was control system (and said output loop) of was control volume by 0 mutation to must value, or by must value mutation to zero, to reached control, and protection, and passed and conversion information, role. With small current-controlled current, is characteristic of control relay.
Automotive control relay technology is demanding, since it must adapt the vibration, high temperature, low temperature, humidity and oil, salt, water, corrosive harsh environment, requiring long service life, high reliability, small size and low consumption, and electromagnetic compatibility, flame retardant, high response speed and other properties. Really make the horse run with enough fodder. As a motor control relays, it must meet these requirements.
In the usual automotive light control relay, for example, there are three feet, four feet and five feet and other types of control relay. Controlling headlights, front lights and instrument lights, turn lights, rear lights, brake lights, reverse lights, fog lights, lighting, and so on.