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Discussion On Application Of Relay Area
Dec 06, 2016

In industrial control, the main control functions are completed by the General AC relay. Often driven by button or the limit switch relay. Relay contacts can control solenoid valve, large motors and LEDs. Voltage 24VDC to 220VAC.
Digital control expanded the application of relays in the area. Profile milling and boring data and coordinates programming operation, signal into machine tool controllers, memory units, and other logic devices, standard 2 to 5-axis servo motor to control. Using this method of control is easy to control drilling machine, Turret Lathes, lathes and automatic profile checking machine.
More power with 12V in the car, were designed as coil voltage 12V. Because it is battery-powered, voltage instability; to harsh environmental conditions, voltage v ≤ 60%VH (fixed voltage), coil voltage allows up to 1.5VH. Coil power consumption is large, typically 1.6~2W, high temperature rise.
Relays are primarily used to control the compressor motor, fan motor and cooling pump motor, to perform the control functions. Appliance compressor motor, power is generally 1 to 3 HP fan motor and cooling 1/4 to 2 HP pump motor.