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Principle And Technology Of Photoelectric Transformer
Jun 18, 2018

Photoelectric transformer is a kind of electronic transformer. It is a new type of transformer that uses optical electronic technology and electro-optical modulation principle to transfer current or voltage mind with glass fiber. It is completely different from the traditional electromagnetic transformer with electromagnetic coupling principle, and the transformer with metal conductor to transfer current or voltage information is completely different. At present, the photoelectric transformer installed with the electric power equipment is in the research and development stage all over the world. In order to make the reader have a preliminary understanding of the photoelectric transformer, this section briefly introduces the principle, structure and development of several photoelectric transformers at home and abroad.

Compared with the traditional electromagnetic mutual inductor, the photoelectric transformer has the following advantages.

(1) excellent insulation performance. The photoelectric transformer transmits the current or voltage information of the high voltage side to the light information, and transmits it to the low potential side through the glass fiber with excellent insulation performance. The insulation structure is simple and the reliability is high.

(2) there is no magnetic saturation problem without iron core. Modern photoelectric transformer does not use iron core to do magnetic coupling, so it avoids a series of problems caused by magnetic saturation, such as ferromagnetic resonance of voltage transformer, large current magnetic saturation problem of current transformer and two problems of open circuit.

(3) the dynamic response is good. The dynamic response range of the photoelectric transformer is large, and a measurement channel can measure small current (such as ten Amperes), and also can measure large current (such as a thousand amperes), which can meet the requirements of measurement and relay protection at the same time. Because of its fast dynamic response, it can also hide the requirements of transient protection characteristics.

(4) a wide range of frequency response. The measurement frequency of modern photoelectric transformer is very wide. It can measure the power frequency and measure the harmonic. It can also measure the transient data of the DC and high frequency components in the system fault.

(5) the performance of anti electromagnetic interference is good. Because the photoelectric transformer has no magnetic coupling and power transmission, it eliminates the adverse effect of electromagnetic interference on the performance of the transformer.

(6) small volume. Light quality and low cost: according to the report of one of our country

A passive optical fiber 1lokv voltage transformer, which has been successfully developed in the recent years, is more than twice the volume of the electromagnetic voltage transformer with the same voltage level, and the quality is less than half of the same product, and the cost is more than Sf6. The traditional electromagnetic voltage transformer is about 1/2 low.

(7) to adapt to the development trend of power system, and to develop digitalization, computerization and automation to measure and relay protection.

(8) for oil-free products, the danger of flammable, explosive and other catastrophic failures caused by oil filling devices can be eliminated.

Add: No.38 South Taoyuan Road, Yaozhuang Town,Jiashan County, Jiaxing City, Zhejiang Province, China
Contact person: Elva Zhuang&Sunny Ni