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Solid State Relay And The Difference Between Traditional Relay Details
Dec 06, 2016

Traditional relay, that is, electromagnetic relays, usually made up of relay coils and contacts, contacts through a relay coil electromagnetic attraction to action to achieve the line connected and disconnected, there is mechanical movement. Plus the current reaches a certain point, contacts will be Sparks, so life is affected.
Solid state relays (SSR), is a kind of mechanical, without moving parts, relay, traditional relay and has essentially the same functionality, but is reliable, non-contact, non-sparking, long service life, no noise, no electromagnetic interference, switching speed, in a small control signal, achieve the purpose of direct-drive high current loads. It came out in the 70 's, because of its characteristics of non-contact, making it in many areas of electronic control and computer control to get more and more applications.
In terms of use of the environment and performance, solid state relay has the ability to well over electromagnetic relays. In some sand and dust pollution, electromagnetic interference, including the need to control high current, high power electromagnetic relay are generally not as solid state relays.

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