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What Current Relay
Dec 06, 2016

Magnetic current relay,-electromagnetic instantaneous overcurrent relay, it is widely used in secondary circuit of power system relay protection device circuit, overcurrent starting element.
Used in motors, transformers and transmission lines of overload and short circuit protection circuit, as a starting element.
1. relay-electromagnetic, instantaneous action, magnetic system has two coils, coil to the fore in the base Terminal, users can optionally parallel, which allows setting of relay 1 time.
2. brand-name value and rating of the relay to the relay coil is in series (in amperes) to turn the pointer on the dial, to change the reaction moment of the spring, which can change the relay operation.
3. relay action: current up to the setting value or greater than the set value, the relay action, contact closure, break contacts are disconnected. When the current is reduced to 0.8 times the setting value, the relay will return, contacts disconnected, broken contacts are closed.