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What Is The Difference Between Contactors And Relays
Dec 06, 2016

Contact device and following electrical of principle is as of, nature difference is bear of load different, current capacity big of is contact device, small of is following electrical; following electrical has upper and lower 3~4 a wiring pile (size as), some middle has a by handle (as: hot following electrical), some small following electrical also is transparent of; contact device is no transparent of, and General than following electrical big;
Contactor wiring of 3 large, other smaller, if it is a large, old-fashioned contactor is likely to top has a ceramic lid. Relay is relatively small, mainly used in control circuits, contactors work current, high voltage, generally used for high voltage motor control.
In a control loop is inseparable from the contactors and relays, contactors are mainly used for circuits, by high current (up to hundreds of more than more than 1000 AMPS), a magnetic coil of contactor and main contact; relays are used in secondary circuits only by small electric current (a few to dozens of AMPS) for a variety of control functions;

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