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Working Principle And Characteristics Of Electromagnetic Relay
Dec 06, 2016

Electromagnetic relay usually consists of iron core, composed of coil, armature, contacts proximity. As long as both ends of the coil and a certain voltage, will certainly current in the coil, resulting in electromagnetic effect, armature will overcome in under the action of electromagnetic forces attract return spring tension towards the core, thereby promoting the armature moving contact with fixed contact (normally open contact).
When the coil is powered off, electromagnetic force has disappeared, in spring armature reaction returns to the original position, the dynamic point of contact with the stationary contact (normally closed contact). Snap, releasing, and the circuit is achieved in the conduction and cutting purposes.
For the relay "normally open, normally closed" contacts, can be distinguished: the relay coil is not energized when static contact point is in a disconnected state, known as the "open contact"; static contact is in the on State is called "close contacts".